Reducing Disparities in Access to Services for Adults

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How can we reduce disparities in access to services for adults? 

During the Seminar on New Directions in Autism Research in Cardiff in February we ran several small group discussion sessions. See and also copied at the end of this page

For those interested in tracing the process, this is how we arrived at this summary! 

  1. We asked the note-takers from each of the small groups to let us have the notes discussion. Here are they are below, first organised under two main questions.  
  2. Then a qualitative researcher, Christopher Ramsden (who was not involved in the discussions or the event) analysed the content into themes reorganising the data twice before arriving at the final summary (below). 
  3. We weren’t able to include every point that everyone made in the discussion but hope that you can map the links between the points made in the groups and the final themes. 

Please click on the PDF below to read the original notes from each group and the final summary.

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