Autism In Adulthood

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Read about Newcastle University’s study on Autism Spectrum Adulthood and Ageing here and read the March 2016 update.

The Autism Centre for Employment, Portsmouth University won the 2016 National Autistic Society’s award for Outstanding Adult Services. See

ACE was created following a Autism RPP discussion group initiative on Overcoming Barriers to Employment!


 “Outcomes for adults: How can the future be improved?” by Patricia Howlin

You can see Patricia Howlin’s slides for her recent talk at Cardiff University here

The talk reviewed research on both positive and negative aspects of the later life of autistic people. It described the generally poor outcomes reported in research studies so far. A key message was that improvement is needed in the quality and quantity of research. Further understanding is needed of what particular factors make a difference to individuals, for example is a person’s quality of life affected by aspects of their autism and by ageing, in order to build effective support strategies and help improve future prospects.

This talk was part of the ESRC New Directions in Autism Research Public Services Seminars –you can read more background here. and here 

Here are some links to some of the references in Prof Howlin’s talk 

Positive and negative aspects: Magiati et al., 2014

Howlin et al., 2014; Orsmond et al., 2013; Taylor & Mailick, 2014 

Mental Health; Buck et al., 2014

Joshi et al., 2013

The October 2015 special issue of the journal Autism edited by Patricia Howlin & Julie Lounds Taylor Autism in Adulthood  features a podcast, open access papers and many interesting new findings. See editorial article by Patricia Howlin on the need for high quality research on adults in autism

- See more at: 


A new systematic review and meta-analysis of outcomes in adolescence and adulthood can also be found here

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