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In this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCldxe_Zxkw, Prof Sue Leekam, Cardiff University, describes the online seminar series on  Diagnostic Interview Methods

The third and final online seminar will be with Ann Le Couteur: Autism Diagnostic Interview- ADI-R. Dates:5th & 19th Feb 2014.

EARLIER SEMINARS You can follow the Q & As and read the research on these seminars:

- Prof David Skuse, Developmental, Dimensional and Diagnostic Interview (3di)          

- Dr Judith Gould - Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders  (DISCO)

Click here for the Q & As:


You can download BACKGROUND PAPERS and RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS on the DISCO, 3DI and ADI-R by following this link:  http://www.autismrpphub.org/article-resource-categories/diagnostic-interview-tools-awares-online-conferences

These events run in collaboration with the  AWARES Conference Centre (http://www.awares.org/conferences/)

Why a series of seminars on Diagnostic Interview Methods?

Diagnostic interviews are a central part of the diagnostic process. Currently there are three popular methods that clinicians use internationally. These are the 3di, ADI and DISCO. The purpose of these seminars is to help to give more information about these different methods and the research behind them. We want to encourage follow-up discussion within the Autism RPP Hub as part of its mission to encourage evidence based practice and policy. You can join the seminar to ask a question. Or you can simply find out more about one of the methods by following the discussion. And you can follow up to gain further information afterwards through the Autism RPP Hub.

Who is the online seminar for?

Everybody. There will be an introduction paper about each diagnostic interview tool (3di, ADI-R, DISCO) to start off the seminar. We also posted a general overview article on the use of interview methods that you can read before the series starts.

What will happen?
The author of each diagnostic interview tool, David Skuse, Ann LeCouteur, Judith Gould, will come online to give answers (in writing), to your questions during the dates above. You can drop in by checking online (click here to go to the AWARES conference site) from home or your office at any time during the two days that each speaker is online and you can post a question or read the answers to other questions. The speaker will open up opportunities for further discussion areas for you to follow up with colleagues after the seminar.

This will be broadly based on research that has been carried out for their diagnostic method.

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