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Autism Practice: In the first seminar in the ESRC seminar series: New Directions for UK Autism Research,  researchers will come together with the autism community - autistic adults, parents of children with autism and practitioners in health, education, social services and the third sector, to discuss autism practice.

Welcome to this online discussion space which is open for anyone with an interest in autism practice who would like to join in to open up ideas and thoughts for the discussion. Here are some of the questions ahead;

• What do we mean by ‘evidence’ when referring to autism interventions?
• How can we build an evidence base for improved autism practice?
• What are the supports required by the autism community? and what are the obstacles to getting these evidenced and delivered?
• What 'outcome’ measures should we use to test the effectiveness of supports and who gets to make these decisions?

If you’d like to contribute to the RPP Hub hot topic discussion on Autism in Practice, you can register as a user, in less than a minute by clicking here . Then scroll down on this page and join the discussion via the comments box.

There are some Frequently Asked Questions on the Autism RPP Hub which you can read here and a guide

There are two documents listed which have relevant information on Autism Interventions .

Also if you click here you can go to the Scottish Strategy for Autism website .

This link takes you to the Research Autism website . Research Autism is the only UK charity exclusively dedicated to research into interventions in autism.

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Choosing Autism Interventions - Key Principles160.54 KB
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sue leekam

Hi Everybody
Do send me any articles or links that you have found useful if you’d like me to upload them for you.

Just to start the discussion....
I thought I’d mention some research that the RPP team did in 2013 when we were designing the RPP hub. We wanted to know what kind of resources that people would want see on the hub so we asked different groups what would be useful to enable increase in research access and knowledge for research-users . We found that professionals working in autism practice in health, education and social services sectors were really keen to access original scientific journals articles and this may be one of the barriers to research for non-academic professionals and members of the autism community. Lots of articles have since become available on open access in the last few years since that survey and perhaps this has helped? We also found that researchers and non-researchers differed in the levels of engagement they reported with researchers identifying themselves to be more engaged with the other community than vice versa. I know that the Future Made Together had similar findings from a different survey. To what extent is that a problem?

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And here are some links to some documents on the RPP Hub that we thought might be of general interest.

Sue Leekam

sue leekam

from Richard Mills

Hi Sue,
Not sure if this would be of interest
Relates to the EU funded project looking at quality of life of autistic women in four EU countries 'autism in pink' -contains links to workbook and documentary film.

Richard Mills
Research Director
Research Autism

sue leekam

From Damien Milton

The link above takes you to a pdf of an article "So what exactly are autism
interventions intervening with?" by Damien