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The ESRC seminar series New Directions for UK Autism Research has been bringing researchers together with the autism community – (autistic adults, parents of children with autism, policy workers and practitioners in health, education, social services and the third sector) - to develop an agenda for future directions in research. 

You can see the outcomes of the recent Autism Public Services seminars here

Background to the seminars

The first seminar in the series on Autism Practice was at Edinburgh University. Click here to see Sue Fletcher-Watson describing the series and seminar in video

Seminars 2 and 3 on Autism Services are being held at Newcastle University and Cardiff University. Click here to see the video in which Sue Leekam describes these seminars:

As seminar attendance was limited to around 40 people, we provided this online discussion space for anyone with an interest in autism services who would like to find out more information.  You can scroll down to add articles and discussion.

Jeremy Parr led Newcastle University’s Autism Services seminar in Nov 2015. It was an extremely successful event focusing on public services for adults and older adults. It raised important themes about access to services, advocacy, definition of needs and outcomes and professional training and communication across agencies which we taking forward in the Cardiff seminar.

Sue Leekam led the Cardiff Autism Services seminar on 4-5th February 2016. The focus was on public services for younger adults and children. More than forty people attended- 1/3 were researchers, 1/3 autistic adults and family members, and 1/3 professionals working in policy and practice

SCROLL DOWN : We provided web links connected to the name of the delegates and other relevant web links of general background interest in advance of the seminar.  If you’d like to contribute to the RPP Hub topic discussion on Autism Services, you can register as a user, in less than a minute by clicking here. Then scroll right down on this page and join the discussion via the comments box. Or post up an article. At the bottom of the page you will find links relevant to the Newcastle seminar, including links to Paul Shattuck's Life Course Outcomes Research and links to Adult Autism Strategy England and updated version Think Autism (2014). Links to the Welsh Autism Strategy can be found here


You can download the full programme here


Introduction and background (Sue Leekam and Lynda Morgan) (Jeremy Parr)  (David Malins)

Guest Talk:Ourcomes in Adulthood (Patrica Howlin)

Consulting with young adults about the planning and delivery of services to support them!cv/cu7q (Damian Milton) (Youth Patrons.

Damilola Bembo, Alex Lowery and My Voice Volunteer Chris Cooper) (Sarah Bunce) (Jules Akers)

Does the current political and economic climate necessitate a new and creative approach to improving the lives of young autistic adults? (Jane Lane); (Helen Matthews)  (Sara Ryan) (Joe Powell);  (NAS) (Ian Dale) (Richard Mills)

Learning from others: Research impact and public services (ESRC) (Ian Jones) (Dougal Hare)


The ASD Strategic Action Plan for Wales and ASD National Development (Jo Manikiza) (very useful website with great downloads - see Strategy and Resources in particular)

An integrated care-pathway for autism: What is it, what should it achieve and how can we ensure that it will be a success? Together for Children and Young People Oct 2015 – this document gives background on the Neurodevelopmental workstream in Wales (ASD and ADHD) Catherine Norton and Ahuja. (Jill Grange)

Foregrounding the experiences of people and their families in research and services Hurt) (Kate Langley (Angela Martin) (Barbara Moore) (scroll down site for useful documents for researchers and the public)

What are the new directions in autism research? Early career scientists (see People- Catherine Jones, Bev Winn, Sarah Barrett, Georgie Powell)

Jarymke Maljaars

Links to other participants attending and organisations being represented (James Cusack) (Keith Ingram) (Mathew Williams) (Marc Fabri) (Ilse Noens) (Katherine Shelton) (Katherine Shelton)


Some of the questions discussed at the Newcastle University seminar were

 - What do we know about public services research and what do we want to know?  

- What new partnerships and ways of working produce high quality public services research?  

- What might effective health services for adults deliver and how might we measure success? - What outcomes should we be measuring in research?

 - How should health and social care services work to support adults and older adults? 

– What adjustment to existing services are needed? What are the good practice examples? 

Watch the updates on the shaping autism research site for the report on this seminar   

 Useful links: 

Paul Shattuck's Life Course Outcomes Research and Health Care Transitions Research Network for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Adult Autism Strategy England and updated version Think Autism (2014)

Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities and NHS to support implementation of Adult Autism Strategy (England)

- See more at:

There are some Frequently Asked Questions on the Autism RPP Hub which you can read here and a guide

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