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Scroll down for pdfs of abstracts and articles. There is a list of all the publications in the pdf called "Published articles reporting research" (scroll to the end of the pdfs to find this) and there are individual articles above this that you can download.

Disco Encyclopedia120.37 KB
Who will get a DSM5 diagnosis104.12 KB
Algorithims for ICD-10 childhood autism142.33 KB
Describing the Sensory Abnormalities223.62 KB
Comparison of ICD-10 and Gillberg’s criteria for Asperger syndrome139.01 KB
Evaluation of the criterion and convergent validity of the DISCO111.14 KB
DISCO background, inter-rater reliability and clinical use151.93 KB
Published articles reporting research using the Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO)262.21 KB